Group Fitness Classes


 Factor F is an effective dynamic and fast strategy with exercises that are easy and fun.  A 40 minute circuit type class that combines simple exercises using training props and/or body weight.  It's fast, it's fun and it's functional.

Tuesday 6:30pm, Wednesday 9:30am and Thursday 5:30pm



Toning / Body Sculpting programs do not come any better than X55.  A high intensity, low impact workout, that is a huge hit with all who attend.  X55 is ideal for burning fat and making the most of the muslces of the body!  Standing for "Extreme 55 minute workout", participants can utilize handweights, steps or no equipment at all! It's time to get EXTREME!

Thursday 9:30am



The Radical Fitness sensation!  KiMax - meaning Maximum Energy is the simple, no co-ordination needed, using free standing bags.  KiMax is simple so that you can work to your full capacity; you will burn calories fast, as well as strengthen and sculpt your body.  By using the free standing bag you will participate in various rounds of BOXING, MUAY THAI, KICKBOXING, "a great cardio workout".

Monday 5:30pm, Tuesday 9:30am & Saturday 9am



Power is much more than training with weights!  Each class has its own muscle grouping, which provides a variety of training goals such as strength, stamina, muscle toning and the potential to burn lots of calories. Power classes offer a challenging and rewarding workout.  Now you have the power to succeed!

Monday 9:30am & Tuesday 5:30pm


The best indoor cycling program created specifically to meet the demands of all lovers of cycle.  Top Ride is based on real cycling techniques of mountains and routes, and with it's 3 day option has the ability to create a cycling timetable like no other.  The perfect program for those who love the bike and want to burn.  Take the ride with TOP RIDE!

Tuesday 6am, Wednesday 5;30pm, Thursday 6am, 10:30am & 6:30pm


All body fitness, strength, flexibility and power class.  This class works on the fundamentals of how to do an exercise, stripping it right back to give you the best results possible.  Then increasing the intensity all while still having fun!  This is a group training program where no two classes are designed the same!

Monday 6am, Wednesday 6am, Friday 6am & 9:30am, Saturday 8am

Timetable updated January 2017

TOP RIDE and FX360 classes are included in all Platinum memberships, please ask about our options today!  Bookings are essential for all our classes.  Cancellations would be appreciated at least 6 hours before a class takes place so we are able to contact other eager people on the reserve list.  No-shows or no notification of cancellations may result in you missing out on your next class.  Our timetable can change from time to time, so please call us on 871 3535 for any updates.